Paint it Black!

Creative ‘tour-de-force’, international advertising consultant and speaker¬†Cindy Gallop opens the doors to her unusual apartment in Manhattan, an all-black space filled to the brim with curios and novel objects d’art from far-flung locations. (Can you say Gucci bike!?)

Now THIS¬†ladies and gentlemen is the ultimate example of a person’s living space becoming a reflection and expression of their personality, interests and passions… Which is exactly as it should be. Continue reading “Paint it Black!”

Restoration Hardware’s Re-branding… Yay? or Nay?

Say So Long To ‘Silver Sage.’

Ahh… The art of ‘reinvention’… Fresh starts and second chances. In the fickle world of retail and ever-changing consumer tastes and shopping habits, the art of re-engineering one’s brand can be a tricky proposition at best. Such is the case with the recent re-branding of Restoration Hardware. Continue reading “Restoration Hardware’s Re-branding… Yay? or Nay?”