The Aviator Chair

The Aviator Chair

The Aviator Chair

The Aviator Chair— We think even Amelia Earhart would approve!

With a nod to a rich aeronautical past, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of furniture creation, designer/industrial sculptor David Catta’s Aviator Chair blurs the line between utilitarian device and a true work of art.

The Aviator Chair

The Aviator 1 Chair, the first in a series of 5 limited-edition pieces is the result of more than 3,000 hours of conceptual design, including the building of mock-ups and prototypes. The melding of aluminum and thin layers of laminated hardwoods evoke the look and feel of a vintage aircraft propeller, creating a chair that is stunningly beautiful viewed from any angle.

Says the Canadian-based artist about his work;

"With the Aviator series, I aspire to create an industrial sculpture evocative of early aviation that is functional, yet engages the viewer to embark on a journey – a journey to explore it’s seductive curvilinear shape, the handcrafted technical details that become visible through a slow walk-around, and the inner workings and subtleties that are revealed through the semi-transparent suspension fabric." – David Catta

The Aviator Chair

Once again, it is truly awe-inspiring what the combination of passioncreative vision, and hard work can achieve…. A life well-designed indeed!

A Life Designed


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