‘Something’s Gotta Give’ — The Home That Stole The Show

In the romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give, the house demands equal billing with Keaton and Nicholson and gets it!

Something's Gotta Give house

In the romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give, the house demands equal billing with Keaton and Nicholson and gets it!

Few actors today can hold their own on camera with movie legends Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Yet in the 2003 romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give it wasn’t a young upstart who stole the show, but rather the movie set itself!

Something's Gotta Give house

A large portion of the movie, set in the Hamptons, takes place in Diane Keaton’s character’s upscale beach house and while only the exterior was real, the interiors, all created on a soundstage, are still being talked about and emulated to this day.

Something's Gotta Give house

In an interview with Architectural Digest, the movie’s writer/producer and director Nancy Meyers had this to say about the creation of the house which became so integral to the movie’s story;

"The house had to reflect Diane’s character, who is a very successful, accomplished New York playwright in her mid-50s,” says Meyers. She is also a divorcée, following a 20-year marriage, who built her Hamptons house as a gift to herself—no compromises—just her total vision of a peaceful life. Naturally, it’s a different mind-set than that of a woman who has been single or is part of a couple. There was no chance, for instance,” she chuckles, “that she was going to put a double sink in the bathroom.” Nor, for that matter, include an office. “The desk in her bedroom signifies she’s romantically shut down, in a stage of life where nothing’s going to be going on in the bedroom, so why not have a desk?"

Jon Hutman received an Oscar nomination for Production Design because of this now-iconic movie house. The way that the interior was lit and the wall colors, all specially mixed to look spectacular on film, gives the home’s interior an almost serene glow that invites you come in, curl up and stay… forever!

Something's Gotta Give house

Something's Gotta Give house

Never one to be outdone of course, Nicholson’s character, the womanizing mogul Harry Sanborn also lives in a pretty amazing crash pad himself. (Doesn’t everybody live in amazing homes in these types of romantic comedies?) Harry’s New York townhouse(shown above), would be the envy of any self-respecting bachelor.

Something's Gotta Give house

I can recall that when Something’s Got To Give first came out, I found it to be a fun and charming movie. Yet, while the chemistry between Nicholson and Keaton was strong and the banter between the two witty and humorous, it’s that unforgettable beach house that I remember the most. Ahh… I can almost smell the salty air now.

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