Choosing Interior Colors - Easy as 1 2 3!

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We've always believed that besides selecting a candle scent you love and burning it, one of the easiest and most economical ways to completely redo your living space is to lay down that tarp, pick up that brush and paint!

A fresh color scheme can completely transform your room turning it from humdrum to design cover-worthy in no time. Color is the ultimate mood changer, whether you're seeking a peaceful resting place, a sexy and smoldering escape full of possibility or a funky, color-infused vibrant room to entertain in, there is a color palette for you.

With so many color possibilities to choose from though, picking the right color scheme can quickly go from fun to overwhelming. Never fear... we're here to help!

Below you will find 3 distinctly different color palettes. They are intended to hopefully get your creative wheels turning and inspire you in your color quest. Are these the only color paths to follow? Hardly. However, they are a starting point... The rest is up to you. So let go of any color-phobia you may be struggling with, throw caution to the wind and have fun!

Color by Numbers

1.) CALM: Serenity Now!

Perfect for smaller spaces with low ceilings and perhaps a lack of natural light, these colors will immediately open up a space and create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Think a weekend at the beach or a spa retreat.... Ahhhh... We feel better already.


Recurring color themes here tend to be pale blues, shades of light gray, taupe and earth element colors. Finish off your newly serene space with a vase of fresh flowers and sprigs of green and you will never want to leave.

calm and serene interior design colors

soothing color palette

2.) BOHEMIAN: Rhapsody of Color

If deeply saturated, jewel tones are your thing, the Bohemian design color wheel may be right up your alley. These vibrantly sophisticated colors immediately bring to mind hustling outdoor foreign markets and mystical, faraway places. Imagine these colors in your back yard entertaining space on a warm summer's eve full of friends and family.

The Bohemian design aesthetic doesn't end with paint color. Finish off the look with playful prints and textures in pillows, throws and accent pieces... the more the better. Release your inner-traveling gypsy and dive head first into the invigorating Bohemian color palette.

3.) DARK & SEXY: Shaken not Stirred

We love dark colors! Moody, sensual, a little bit dangerous and a whole lotta sexy, dark-toned color palettes can be the ultimate in sophistication and coziness without being depressing if you choose your colors carefully.

There's a built-in sense of drama in a beautifully thought out dark-hued living space. Just remember... it's not all about shades of black or dark gray. Injecting natural, elemental colors like golds, silvers, wood tones and deep shades of green can add the perfect balance, helping to bring a touch of style and sophistication to your space.

Once you've nailed down your dark color scheme all that's left is to add some mood lighting, turn up the mix and commence to mingle. Why... we can almost hear the tinkle of Martini glasses now.



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