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For the owners of this amazing Amsterdam loft located in an old sugar warehouse, life is definitely sweet indeed.


For the owners of this amazing Amsterdam loft located in an old sugar warehouse, life is definitely sweet indeed.

Ever on the lookout for unique, one-of-a-kind living spaces, the architecture-loving nerds at A Life Designed nearly keeled over after stumbling upon this gem! Located on the Bloemgracht canal in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam, this incredible loft situated in what was once a sugar warehouse, raises daily living to a fine art.

Amsterdam Loft Design

The loft is a result of the combined vision of UXUS Design and the owners, George Gottl and Oliver Michell, who wanted to keep the original wood interior of this 18th century Amsterdam sugar warehouse, but infuse it with a sense of drama and high style. About the renovation approach UXUS Design says;

"In keeping the original open-plan layout we created a series of dramatic curtain walls that could be opened and closed according to the needs of use. Made of luxurious Italian linen, the curtain walls are opaque when lit from the front yet transparent from behind. At night, the space becomes a series of glowing tents, creating the effect of a surreal interior landscape."

As the pictures below clearly illustrate, the results are spectacular. Or, as the Dutch would say — absoluut mooi!  (Photography by Dim Balem)

Randy Sloan

Amsterdam Loft Design

Amsterdam Loft Design

Amsterdam Loft Design


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