What I’m Eating and Why – A Day in The Life

As I am working my way through the fourth month of my fitness transformation journey, thankfully, the efforts of my hard work are starting to become noticeable, in a good way! One of the questions I am most asked lately is what exactly am I eating to fuel my workouts and drop the excess weight.

arbonne 30 days to healthy eating

Although my food choices change slightly each day, I am still following the basic tenets and principles of the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program and couldn’t be happier with the results and ease of compliance so far. This way of eating and supplementation combined with hard work in the gym is helping me to drop the unhealthy weight and alter my body composition for the better, even at 60 years old!

So what exactly does a typical day of eating for me look like? Here is a snapshot of my meals and supplement intake today:


I almost always fuel my workout sessions in the morning by mixing one serving of Arbonne Prepare & Endure, one Arbonne Fizz Stick and one serving of BodyTech Creatine/Glutamine. I alternate between mixing this in 8 to 12 oz of plain water or unsweetened ice tea and drink throughout my weight training and/or cardio session. Along with this, I took one Arbonne Metabolism Support pill, (not shown).


Right after my morning workout, it’s time to fire up my trusty blender and start the day off right with a healthy and filling Smoothie. This is where it gets fun as I get the chance to be a little creative in my ingredient choices and it always ends up tasting terrific.

This morning, as always, my base consisted of 10oz of unsweetened Almond Milk and two scoops of Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder. To this, I added an additional 2 scoops of Arbonne Daily Protein Boost, one scoop of Arbonne Greens Balance, one scoop of Arbonne Daily Fiber Boost, and one serving of Arbonne Phytosport After Workout. Most days I mix up my choice of fruits and/or vegetables and it’s fun to get creative. Today I decided to throw in some Organic Blueberries and Raspberries along with one packet of Justin’s Cashew Butter for some healthy fats. The result? Super satisfying and delicious with a great mix of Protein, Carbs and Fats plus a load of vitamins and minerals. Works for me!


Almost without fail, my recent go-to to help ward off any midday slump or cravings has been these delicious Arbonne Essentials Iced Lemon flavor Protein Snack Bars. These snack bars are a smart substitute for other sugar and calorie-laden sweet treats. At only 190 calories they also give me 10 grams of vegan protein. I pair these tasty bars up with an espresso and I am more than good to go until lunch.


I will often do a second Arbonne Smoothie for lunch, being sure to mix up my flavors and ingredients from the morning shake for variety. Today though I chose instead to go super low carb and whipped together a protein-packed egg scramble. While it may not be the prettiest meal to look at, trust me, it tastes great and delivered 42.3 grams of muscle-building protein, and only 7.5 grams of carbs.

Egg Scramble Ingredients:

  • 2 organic egg whites
  • 2 whole organic eggs
  • 4oz grass-fed ground beef
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1tbsp sour cream


Tonight was a special treat as my wonderful, (and very health-conscious), girlfriend put together a tasty and healthy homemade chili. We paired that up with a salad of mixed greens topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, both chili and salad topped with ripe avocado‚Ķ the perfect choice on this wet, blustery fall evening and a great way to wrap up a day of healthy eating. 

So how’d I do?…

According to my trusty MyFitnessPal app which I am using faithfully to track my daily meals and workouts I was almost perfect in hitting my Carbohydrate goal, a little over in healthy Fats and have to work harder to up my Protein intake. Is there room for improvement? You bet. But I am learning that eating healthy is a process and we all have a chance to do even better tomorrow.

  • Total calories: 1895
  • Protein: 111 grams
  • Carbs: 132 grams
  • Fat: 98 grams

Let the overnight muscle repair begin!

Randy Sloan

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