Product Review: Arbonne Evolution Full Control

Diet got you feeling out of control?… Try Arbonne Evolution Full Control and get back on track!

Like most folks, I start out diets with the very best of intentions; Follow the plan to the letter, eat clean, exercise and zero cheating! But come about week four or five, reality sets in… the ‘craving gremlins’ come out to play followed closely by hunger pangs and before I know it, I am binge eating peanut butter by the spoonful or making fast work of a delicious apple fritter, (Damn you Blue Star Donuts!)

Let’s face it, willpower can only take you so far when it comes to winning the diet race. Staying the course on a healthy eating plan and watching your portion control can be a challenge under the best of circumstances, but eventually, life gets in the way with too many obligations and demands on our time, stress overload, etc. and before you know it, you are polishing off that bag of potato chips and looking for more. Time to call in the reinforcements!

Arbonne Evolution Full Control

Introducing Arbonne Full Control, my not-so-secret weapon in the fight to get and stay fit!

As I close in on the end of my second month on the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living eating plan I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, unlike ALL of the previous diet plans I have followed, I have not felt the urge to cheat EVEN ONE TIME and my physique is starting to reward me for my self-control. What gives this time? I have been relying on Arbonne Evolution Full Control to help fight off hunger pangs between meals and I have to say… THIS STUFF WORKS!

Arbonne Evolution Full Control is a weight loss supplement in a kiwi-watermelon flavored powder. It contains Glucomannan as the key ingredient, which is designed to make you feel fuller and less likely to eat more calories. Glucomannan has been approved by the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) for weight loss, and it also contains saffron, which comes with some positive research into its effects upon appetite and weight loss.

Arbonne Full Control Supplement ingredients

My Personal Review

After using this supplement now as directed (3 times per day) for a full seven weeks, I can honestly say without reservation that Arbonne Full Control has absolutely helped control my cravings, even late at night when it usually hits me the hardest! At 6′ tall and currently 244 lbs, I am taking in approximately 1800 to 1900 calories per day and working out 5 to 6 days per day a week. That’s not a ton of calories for a guy my size and yet, with the Full Control I have yet to feel ravenous in between meals. In fact, I find that it helps me to feel so satisfied that I am eating my meals further spaced out time-wise and instead of say eating breakfast at 8 or 9 am, I won’t have my first meal until sometimes 11 am or even noon which gives me the added benefit of intermittent fasting.

Arbonne Full Control and iced tea!

How I use Arbonne Full Control

The instructions for use say to mix one scoop to a glass of water and drink 30 minutes prior to eating 3 times per day. Sometimes I will do this but I like to mix it with iced tea (tastes great!) If I’m having an Arbonne shake for my meal I will often just add a scoop of the Full Control and mix it in instead of drinking it separately. Either way, it tastes delicious and the proof is in the results; Arbonne Full Control has helped me stay the course and I am down 13 lbs in just 7 weeks!

The Pros:

  • Keeps you feeling full and satisfied in-between meals
  • Tasty tropical kiwi-watermelon flavor
  • Contains the recommended serving size of Glucomannan

The Cons:

  • May cause bloating in some people
  • Possible abdominal discomfort
  • Possible Diarrhea

I will say that at first, I would occasionally feel some stomach distress and found myself spending a little more time in the bathroom than usual, (if ya catch my drift!). However, after doing some reading and research I found out that this wasn’t unusual because Arbonne Full Control also includes Magnesium Citrate which is a mild laxative. It is recommended to drink plenty of water while using this product and as soon as I did, any adverse stomach problems I had quickly disappeared.

My Arbonne Transformation Journey… Has only just begun!

My Verdict:

Without question, I am a BIG FAN of the Arbonne Evolution Full Control and plan on continuing to use it throughout my Transformation Journey. I would recommend it to anyone looking for that little extra edge in the fight against cravings often experienced when undertaking a new diet plan. Just be sure to drink plenty of water and stay fully hydrated to ward off any possible stomach distress. Big thumbs up for Arbonne Full Control!

Randy Sloan

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