Mentors: Your personal transformation “guides”

Randy Sloan on the Arbonne challenge

Above left image: Me before starting the Arbonne Healthy Living program at 257.5 lbs! Right image: Ready to turn 60 in a few days after 6 weeks of healthy eating, Arbonne supplementation and hard work in the gym!! 244.5 lbs. Long ways to go still but it’s a start!

With my 60th birthday fast approaching, (what the?!!), I very recently embarked on a personal transformation ‘quest’… A ‘Hail Mary’ if you will against that relentless enemy, Father Time. My goal?… To redefine what this next chapter of my life will look and feel like, both on the inside and outside. Specifically, I intend to get in the absolute best shape of my life and elevate my style game while I am at it. In essence, to regain my “swagger” before that window closes for good!

arbonne 30 days to healthy living meal - arugula salad and pan-seared chicken
Enjoying a delicious lunch on the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living plan: Pan-seared chicken breasts with Arugula mixed green salad.

Now granted, despite my fast start losing close to 13 lbs, (and counting), while simultaneously beginning to see long-forgotten muscles come to life in just the past 6 weeks using the Arbonne Healthy Living Program and supplements, I do realize that I have laid out some pretty ambitious goals. Getting back in shape is not easy at ANY age, but dusting off the cobwebs at 60?… Is that even possible?

To give myself the best possible chance for success, I knew I would need to pull out all the stops this time. In addition to following a healthy, SUSTAINABLE diet, using the highest quality supplements available and of course, BUSTING ASS in the gym on a consistent basis, I would also need to call in the Calvary… Mentors assemble!!

Call them what you like; Mentors, Advisors, Role Models, Personal Heroes. The use of mentors, real or imaginary, has long been a tool used by many high-level achievers in all walks of life to serve as inspirational guides and are proof-positive that the goals you are trying to attain are, in fact doable. After all, your ‘Role Models’ have already done it!

Now, unfortunately, I do not have a big enough wallet to hire ‘actual’ personal trainers, clothing stylists and life coaches, but I can employ the next best thing by looking to those whom I admire that have already attained the goals that I am striving to reach. BIG goals become much less scary when you remember that others who have gone before you have already blazed the trail and proven that with enough patience, hard work and desire you too can get in terrific shape or elevate your game, no matter what your age!

My Mentors List

Before embarking on my personal transformation journey, I decided to look to high achievers that I personally admire to draw inspiration from and found that for me, they tended to fall into three categories;

  1. Fitness Role Models
  2. Style Role Models
  3. Mindset Role Models

So, with no further ado, and in no particular order, here a few of the high achievers that I am looking to for inspiration as I set out to elevate my personal game and write my own definition of turning 60!:

Pierce Brosnan, age 66 – Style Role Model

Pierce Brosnan looking stylish at age 66
Pierce Brosnan, age 66 and still every bit the stylish leading man!

Rob Lowe, age 55 – Fitness Role Model

Actor Rob Lowe working out running stairs
Rob Lowe at age 55 has clearly found the Fountain of Youth.

Sting, age 66 – Fitness Role Model

Sting performing in concert
Now 66 years old, Sting has long been a proponent of the benefits of Yoga.

Jeff Goldblum, age 66 – Style Role Model

Actor Jeff Goldblum wearing a cream colored turtleneck sweater and brown suede jacket
Jeff Goldblum is clear proof that it’s never too late to up your style game!

Gary Vaynerchuk, age 43 – Mindset Role Model

inspirational and motivational speaker and author Gary Vaynerchuk
Need a no bullshit, motivational kick in the pants? Gary Vaynerchuk is your guy.

Tom Brady, age 42 – Fitness, Style & Mindset Role Model

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots
Champion mindset? Check. Fashion swagger? Check. Fitness fanatic? Check! Is it any wonder that at 42 years of age, Tom Brady is still at the very top of his game?

Again, these are just some of the high achieving guys that I am drawing inspiration from on the quest to be my best. Who will you assemble to sit on your ‘motivational board of directors’ and help spur you on to greater accomplishments? Please feel free to comment and list them below, I would love to know!

Randy Sloan

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