The Journey Begins

4 weeks progress photo’s – Image at right: 257.5 lbs / Image at left: 247.5 lbs

30 Days to Healthy Living; Month One Complete!

My name is Randy and I have a confession to make; I am a serial Yo-Yo Dieter. There, I said it. Does that admission resonate with any of you out there in ‘blog land’? Yeah… I thought so.

Oh… My struggle with dieting and keeping the weight off certainly isn’t for a lack of trying. Keto Diet?… Did it for two weeks before having to wave the white flag due to hellacious stomach distress. Slow Carb Diet?… I was an avid disciple for close to six months and had great success only to realize at some point I would kinda like to have a few more carbs in my life and promptly gained ALL of the weight back and then some. Intermittent Fasting?… Well if you mean intermittently being able to stick to the protocol, check!

MyFitnessPal weight loss progress chart for randy sloan from 2013 thru September 2019
Above: MyFitnessPal weight diary from early 2013 to present, Sept. 2019.

The reality is, like many people, I have no real trouble losing weight, it’s sustaining the weight loss for any appreciable length of time that ALWAYS trips me up. The statistics don’t lie. Since 2013 I have been logging my weight in on a fairly regular basis using MyFitnessPal. As you can see by the chart above, between 2013 till today my weight has been all over the place, from a low of 228 to as high as 283! Up, down, up, down. Ugh. Despite the graph representing a rollercoaster ride, I am still glad I have been fairly diligent in keeping record of this journey. By looking at the chart and reflecting back, I can see exactly where I had success with various diets over the years and precisely where I hit the wall on each and began the inevitable backslide. All of which, happily, leads me to today.

All things in moderation; A new approach

If you look closely at the chart above you might have noticed that I am currently on a very positive downward trend in my weight. So what gives? After years of dabbling in fairly militant, dramatic diet regimens, I have finally decided to give a moderate, balanced approach a shot. You know, a healthy mix of proteins, healthy fats and moderate carbs combined with 4 days a week of pretty intense weight training, (more on that in a future post), plus 20 to 30 minutes every other day of low impact cardio, i.e. incline treadmill or walking outdoors. The results? After 30 days I was down a solid 10 lbs (see progress photo above), and now at the time of this writing, 6 weeks in, I am approaching a total of 13 lbs gone and counting! The best part?… NO crash dieting or overwhelming cravings, NO complicated menus or dietary “rules” to follow. In other words, a SUSTAINABLE plan. What a concept!

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living

So what you may be asking is my “secret weapon” this time around in my battle to not only get lean and fit from the inside out but finally maintain and STAY that way moving forward?… The Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge! While I will wait to dig into the nitty gritty of this approach to healthy eating and exercise in a future post, the basics are as follows:

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living cheat sheet explaining the 3 basic steps to a leaner, healthier body and life.

Full disclosure; I have been following the above plan now for about 6 weeks total and while I have been adhering very closely to the basic tenets, I HAVE been drinking my beloved black coffee in the morning and probably enjoy one or two glasses of red wine per week, maybe.

All I know folks is that for me, this approach is WORKING! The Arbonne eating plan and supplementation combined with lots of hard work in the gym is yielding noticeable results both in my physical outer appearance and on the inside… I feel healthier and more energetic!

Six weeks in and 12 lbs down! What will the months ahead bring? I am excited to find out and will definitely be doing future progress update posts and share what I am learning on my road to reinvention!

– Randy Sloan

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