The ‘Blue Room’ @ LAAC

One part athletic club, one part boutique hotel. The Los Angeles Athletic Club is steeped in history and style.

Set in a re-imagined historical building located in downtown L.A., the Los Angeles Athletic Club offers something for anyone is search of a stylish experience that harkens back to a bygone era.

Los Angele Athletic Club Blue Room

An L.A. landmark for over a century, the LACC was founded in 1880 by a small group of businessmen destined to become some of the city’s most influential citizens. Rudolph Valentino practiced boxing here, Charlie Chaplin considered it his home base, and Tarzan himself, Johnny Weissmuller trained for the Olympics in the 7th-floor swimming pool (the first suspended pool in Los Angeles). In 2013, the hotel underwent a massive transformation adding new touches and amenities in an effort to attract a younger demographic. The results are spectacular.

Los Angele Athletic Club Blue Room

The exclusive workout facilities remain as well as providing multiple eating and special event catering options. For those who want to stay awhile, the LAAC also operates a full service hotel with 72 rooms on the 10-12 floors of the building. Nine themed rooms range in themed decor from “The Country Club” to “The Yacht Club” to “The Bruin Club” and are available to the general public as well as members.

Los Angele Athletic Club Blue Room

I particularly love the look of the Blue Room(images shown). Designed with the help of Timothy Oulten, the Blue Room is a hidden bar tucked away within the LAAC that exudes a laid-backspeakeasy vibe, perfect for tipping back a couple on a hot summer day. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Randy Sloan

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