Men of Style—Nick Wooster

Style Icon Nick Wooster

Men’s fashion 101 is now in session with Professor Wooster.

Any blog that professes to even remotely cover topics on men’s fashion and style would be remiss if they didn’t include at least one post on the subject of our latest addition to our ongoing series Men of Style, Mr Nick Wooster. This guy doesn’t just follow trends in menswear, he creates them!

nick wooster fashion

Nick Wooster first came to my attention as he probably did for many through cyberspace and the blogs devoted to the current craze in chronicling ‘street style’, most notably the well-known blog, The Sartorialist. It’s easy to see why Mr Wooster would stand out and become a favorite of street photographers. Let’s just say he will never be accused of being a wallflower.

nicholas wooster

While it would be easy to think that his rise to prominence in the fashion world is solely internet-driven and sheer luck being in the right place at the right time to be caught on camera, Nick Wooster’s fashion ‘cred’ runs much deeper. Having spent time as men’s fashion director for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman and most recently a short-lived alliance with J.C. Penney’s, Wooster brings a lifetime of passion and experience to his look and has made a study of the importance that style plays in a man’s everyday life.


Granted, some of Nick Wooster’s fashion choices are probably a bit advanced or ‘out there’ for the less sartorically-adept men in the audience and that’s ok. There is still plenty we can take away from his choice of colors and textures, mixing and matching prowess and his attention to detail. We particularly love his take on the men’s suit. Jackets that fit beautifully, artfully wrinkled just so, with much attention given to details and accessories like the perfect pocket square and glasses. Simply put, Nick Wooster wears the suit and not the other way around. Gentlemen, take notes.

Randy Sloan


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