Men of Style—Brunello Cucinelli

Fashion Designer Brunello Cucinelli

Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli… A man of substance in a surface world.

Calling world-renowned fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli a Man of Style is a little like saying the sky is blue… Thank you Captain Obvious! Famous for his use of soft fabrics and a dusky, earthy color palette, Cucinelli has done for the cashmere sweater what fellow Italian fashion icon Giorgio Armani did for the unstructured men’s suit… redefine it.

While there is no doubt that Brunello Cucinelli is a master at the top of his game creating some of the most beautiful men’s and women’s clothing in the world today, it’s his philosophical approach to work, life, family and the pursuit of passions that we find most inspiring;

The way I view my business is more than just to create beautiful clothing. I strive to give back to the community; it is the community that brings the Brunello Cucinelli brand to reality every season. Also, looking beyond the immediate success of the business I believe that it is important to live life fully and plan for the future, I am the custodian of the brand, the factory and the headquarters. If at any time the medieval village needs to return to its original purpose it can be done easily. We have restored the village and all efforts are ultimately for the good of the people.  – Brunello Cucinelli

Ben fatto, signore … Ben fatto.

Randy Sloan

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