Chicago Athletic Association Hotel opens… Book Your Stay Now


Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Design team Roman + Williams takes us ‘back to the future’ with a dynamic and thoughtful restoration of a Chicago architectural icon.

Well now, it looks like those ‘design dynamos’ Roman + Williams are at it again! With the recent grand opening of the newly re-imagined Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, the husband and wife team of Robin Standefer and Steven Alesch have yet again managed to create a space that is at once forward thinking while being respectful to the past and the results in typical R+W fashion are nothing short of spectacular. Continue reading “Chicago Athletic Association Hotel opens… Book Your Stay Now”

Welcome to Loft 9b. Prepare to be Amazed!


Loft 9b amazing industrial decor!

Loft 9b – An attic apartment with more style than 3 homes combined.

Ahh Ha! Finally! I now have conclusive proof that the Level 3 parallel universe theory is true. Oh sure, scoff if you must but how else to explain the fact that all this time, unbeknownst to moi, someone with my exact tastes in home decor has been living in a perfect replica of my dream home in Sofia, Bulgaria? Who knew? And when I say a replica, I mean a dead. on. spitting. image! Surely I have stumbled upon my design Doppelgangerr. Continue reading “Welcome to Loft 9b. Prepare to be Amazed!”

The ‘Blue Room’ @ LAAC


One part athletic club, one part boutique hotel. The Los Angeles Athletic Club is steeped in history and style.

Set in a re-imagined historical building located in downtown L.A., the Los Angeles Athletic Club offers something for anyone is search of a stylish experience that harkens back to a bygone era. Continue reading “The ‘Blue Room’ @ LAAC”