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Hey Designers…. Please Stop Beating This Typeface to Death!

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Psst… Hey you. Yes you, overworked and chronically underpaid graphic designer. Come here, I want to tell you a little secret. Despite what you may have heard, imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery. It’s just imitation!

Lately, everywhere I look, I am seeing graphic designers taking the easy way out with the repeated overuse of this typeface and slight variations thereof. Please, I beg of you… Stop!


I first spied this font used in Kinfolk, one of the many navel gazing, hip indie ‘lifestyle’ magazines that are currently so popular among the under 30-somethingartisanal twee set.


Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the font itself. As is usually the case, it was a fresh look the first few times I saw it used. But now, like lemmings to the sea, designers everywhere are forcing it down our throats to promote everything from tanning, to coffee… organic foods to fashion and beyond. I can almost hear the client or creative director now; “make my brand look hip.” And the stressed out, (creatively lazy?), designer thinks to themselves, “No problemo, I’ll just use the Kinfolk font!” Yawn.



But this over-baked design trend doesn’t just stop with font abuse. No, apparently this typeface MUST be overlaid on top of softly out-of-focus, sun-drenched 20-somethings, their smiling faces cropped tight. Again, yawn.


Creatives! As a fellow pixel pusher, I realize that project deadlines and client demands are often relentless and hugely unrealistic, but come on! There are thousands of fonts to choose from out there. Take a chance, think outside the box and who knows?… Perhaps you will create the next slavishly imitated and copied design trend. Good luck with that.

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One From the Vault: Original Guitar Music @ A Life Designed

When we aren’t out sourcing groovy industrial decor finds for your home, we’re pickin’ & grinnin’ here in the ‘ALD’ studio.

Originally posted in January of this year, here’s a short, live excerpt from my original song Where is Love? You can listen to the full recorded version below:

Creativity and expression comes in many forms… What’s yours?

A Life Designed

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Inside the ALD ‘Look’


One part industrial-vintage + one part mid-century-modern with a big scoop of tongue-in-cheek humor… This is the A Life Designed ‘look.’

July will mark the one year anniversary of the launch of the A Life Designed online store which offers carefully curated Rough-Luxe furnishings and decor for the home and retail environment. Now, nine months into our grand adventure, we are extremely pleased to report that the response to our shop has been overwhelmingly positive!… Thank you!

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Happy Customers = Happy Us!

More great feedback from another wonderful client over the weekend. Courtney scooped up our industrial flat file storage unit and couldn’t be happier. We love finding just the right piece of furniture for our customers. Thank you Courtney!

Randy was great! He was extremely pleasant to work with and provides a wonderful environment for inspiration. I will be coming back for more!”
— Courtney M.

A Life Designed

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