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Castle Gibson


What exactly IS Castle Gibson? BRILLIANT!… That’s what it is.

Located in East London, Castle Gibson is many things to many people; A group of unique photo shoot and special event locations, a curator and seller of vintage, rough luxe furniture and a photo/commercial prop rental business. One thing is for certain; Regardless of what they are involved in, the people behind Castle Gibson do it in style! Continue reading…

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‘Men of the Cloth’… A Documentary on Italian Master Tailors

In this charming 2013 film, Director Vicki Vasilopoulos takes us inside the world of a vanishing breed of true artisans… The Master Tailor.

MEN OF THE CLOTH is the story of three humble and accomplished master tailors who create masterpieces of elegance and style to clothe the human body. Working with the skill of engineers and the soul of philosophers, Italian artisans Nino Corvato, Checchino Fonticoli and Joe Centofanti celebrate the individual in both mind and body.  Read the full story here>

A Life Designed

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Remember, Always Remain….


Or, at the very least… hang it on your wall! ‘Humility’ available now in our online store. — $95

Add the perfect touch of industrial goodness and retro nostalgia to your living space with this vintage-look metal sign. Lightweight and very easy to hang.

Sign measures: 34″ W x 19.5″ H

Click the red store button at the top of this page to shop this and all of our Rough Luxe furnishings and decor items, perfect for the urban loft or industrial-themed retail space.

A Life Designed


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More Original Music from the ‘Man Cave’

Another original ditty. This one goes out to my ‘other brother’ Bill. For some reason, every time I play this it reminds me of lazy summer nights on your patio sharing laughs, listening to music, eating BBQ and getting snockered on great red wine! Guess it must be the John Waite influence in this piece. Painting pictures with sound… That’s the beauty of music.

A Life Designed


Getting to meet my ‘musical idol’ Mr John Waite… Priceless! – 2012


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Inside the ALD ‘Look’


One part industrial-vintage + one part mid-century-modern with a big scoop of tongue-in-cheek humor… This is the A Life Designed ‘look.’

July will mark the one year anniversary of the launch of the A Life Designed online store which offers carefully curated Rough-Luxe furnishings and decor for the home and retail environment. Now, nine months into our grand adventure, we are extremely pleased to report that the response to our shop has been overwhelmingly positive!… Thank you!

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Westin Mitchell Design Group


Los Angeles based Westin Mitchell Design Group create furniture guaranteed to make lovers of industrial-style decor drool!

Recently, in a chance encounter, (thanks Shane Reynolds!)A Life Designed was tipped off to Westin Mitchell Design Group, a fantastic furniture design company based in Downtown Los Angeles creating stunning industrial-style furniture for residential and commercial/retail spaces. Never one to pass up a hot tip, we quickly looked them up and are so glad we did. Continue reading…

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FOUND Design — Mesa, AZ


Like a shimmering ‘design mirage’ in the middle of the hot desert, FOUND is an unexpected treasure-trove of home interior inspiration.

Recently, on one of A Life Designed’s many furniture hunting expeditions, my journey took me to the small town of Mesa, Arizona. Being as this was my first visit to the town located approximately 12 miles southeast of Phoenix, I had no idea what I might stumble upon. What I absolutely didn’t expect to find was FOUND… An incredible furniture/design store that looks as if it had been plucked from a major metropolitan city and dropped in the middle of the desert. Continue reading…

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