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Musical Musings from A Life Designed


A little music with your Sunday morning coffee anyone?

When I’m not feverishly scouring the far-flung corners of the globe, (well… maybe not the ‘globe’), searching for amazing furniture to share with you, I can often be found behind my trusty guitar. It has been a touchstone, a constant, in my life through the highest of highs and most certainly, the lowest of lows.

With this in mind, I am thinking of adding a page on the ALD site, solely dedicated to my musical ramblings. Currently my music can be found on the A Life Designed YouTube page and through SoundCloud but we thought it might be fun to also have a dedicated music page on the site itself to make it easier for those who are interested to find my music.

And for the readers and followers of A Life Designed who are new, I’ve posted a small sampling in this post, some of my original music. Granted, it’s rough and a work in progress but then, when does the ‘progress’ ever really end in the search for creative expression? Hopefully never!

So to our valued readers we ask; What do you think? Should we add a ‘music page’ to the site? Yay?… Nay? We of course will always be focused on showcasing and offering cool, sexy furniture for the home, but originally A Life Designed was launched as a blog dedicated to “all things creative” and that certainly would include musical expression.

I would love to hear your feedback…

Please post in the comments below. As always, we are interested in providing the most interesting site possible. Thanks so much!

Randy Sloan
A Life Designed


We LOVE Happy Customers!


Now THIS is the way to start the day!  Woke to discover this terrific review of a recent client’s shopping experience @ A Life Designed…

“I just purchased the most amazing trunk from Randy! I love it. He has fabulous finds with real character. My next treasure from him will hopefully be the leather chair. I melted into butter as I ungracefully plopped down into it and surrounded myself with comfort and warmth. Crossing my fingers it will still be available for my treat next month! ”

— Nichole K Finn IDS MBA interior designer

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; One of the best things about what we do, (besides discovering and sharing AMAZING furniture with you), is getting the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful, fellow lovers of interior design along the way. Thank you so much for the kind words Nichole… Enjoy your new find!

More customer reviews available here >

A Life Designed

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We’re Growing on Instagram!


Things are starting to hop and our community is growing over on the A Life Designed Instagram page. Stop on by and if you like what you see please follow us. We will be announcing some special spring sales on select furniture in our online store only through our Instagram page in the coming days… Don’t miss out!

A Life Designed

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Follow ‘A Life Designed’ on Instagram


Hang out on Instagram? Well then, stop on by and say hello!

Recently it was brought to our attention here at ALD that we should post more pictures on our Instagram account. To that we replied, “what Instagram account?” Frankly, we had completely forgotten that we had started an account over two years ago and, in that time, managed to post exactly one photo. Impressive… Not.

It was then brought to our attention that despite our “one photo input” we already had 103 followers. Huh? Well now, it’s about damn time we joined that party!

So next time you are ‘Instagrammin'” look us up at alifedesigned. We promise to be better about posting fresh, fun stuff!

A Life Designed

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5 Great Ways To Stay In Touch With ‘ALD’


Pinterest, YouTube… Twitter… Facebook & Wazala; Five fun ways to ‘get social’ with A Life Designed.

It’s been a busy and very rewarding three and a half years of exciting growth here at A Life Designed and we aren’t slowing down yet! We have lots of great stories and sweet new vintage/industrial finds lined up to share with you in the coming weeks.


Until then, interested in even more ways to follow us besides our blog?… We’ve got you covered! A Life Designed is also available on Pinterest, our YouTube Channel, Twitter and of course Facebook. Stop by and join us, everyone’s welcome.


It gets even better! On the road and want to check out our online store full of fun vintage decor directly from your smart phone? No problem. Our Wazala store is optimized beautifully for mobile devices. Just use this direct link:

As always, thank you so much for your continued interest and support.

A Life Designed

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Inside the ALD ‘Look’


One part industrial-vintage + one part mid-century-modern with a big scoop of tongue-in-cheek humor… This is the A Life Designed ‘look.’

July will mark the one year anniversary of the launch of the A Life Designed online store which offers carefully curated Rough-Luxe furnishings and decor for the home and retail environment. Now, nine months into our grand adventure, we are extremely pleased to report that the response to our shop has been overwhelmingly positive!… Thank you!

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