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Shades of Blue @ A Life Designed

Getting reacquainted with my first true love… It’s been too long.

Not sure why it is that as we go through life, we often tend to set aside or let go of the very things and passions that lit us up and meant so much to the younger version of ourselves. Such is the case for me and the electric guitar. It’s nice to know it is always there waiting to welcome you back. Hello my old friend, I’ve missed you!

A Life Designed

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Fender Amps + Whiskey?… Duh.

fender whisky cask amp

Q: How do you possibly improve upon the classic Fender amplifier tone? A: Wrap it in a vintage, reclaimed whiskey barrel of course!

There is something we just automatically love about the idea of stuffing a Fender Blues Jr amp into a beautifully weathered and reclaimed whiskey barrel. It’s a no-brainer… The blues and whiskey just kinda go together.

The “80 Proof” Blues Junior amp features 15 watts of all-tube power, reverb and an upgraded Jensen P12Q 12-inch speaker. Other features include external include brass knobs, a leather handle and a brass control plate finished with the Fender logo seared into the wood.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this beauty though as the run is limited to just 100 units worldwide and retails for $1,999.99.

A Life Designed
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Sunday Mornings… Coffee… & Music

Crying Blue RainOriginal composition and guitar by Randy Sloan

Where is Love?Original composition and guitar by Randy Sloan

Recently I received a few requests from new subscribers of the A Life Designed blog asking where they could hear some of my music. First off, thank you so much for your interest in this little passion project and secondly, here you go… I hope you enjoy it.

Wishing all the friends of ALD, new and old, a very peaceful and relaxing Sunday morning.

A Life Designed


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Next Stop: Milan, Italy… and It’s About Damn Time!

milan italy at night

After way too many years in the making, A Life Designed finally takes on Milan.

Like a sweet, succulent cherry on top of our amazing seven week European adventure, ALD will be fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting Italy later this week and it’s pretty safe to say we couldn’t be more excited!


Our touchdown point specifically is Milan, ground zero for so much design innovation it boggles the mind. Fashion, architecture, galleries, food, wine… You name it, Milan’s got it and we can’t wait to soak it ALL in.


As with our adventures in Prague, Tábor, Berlin and Vienna, we will be snapping lots of pix and sharing them with you both here on the blog as well as the A Life Designed Instagram and Facebook pages. Stay tuned!

A Life Designed

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