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Next Stop: Milan, Italy… and It’s About Damn Time!

milan italy at night

After way too many years in the making, A Life Designed finally takes on Milan.

Like a sweet, succulent cherry on top of our amazing seven week European adventure, ALD will be fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting Italy later this week and it’s pretty safe to say we couldn’t be more excited!


Our touchdown point specifically is Milan, ground zero for so much design innovation it boggles the mind. Fashion, architecture, galleries, food, wine… You name it, Milan’s got it and we can’t wait to soak it ALL in.


As with our adventures in Prague, Tábor, Berlin and Vienna, we will be snapping lots of pix and sharing them with you both here on the blog as well as the A Life Designed Instagram and Facebook pages. Stay tuned!

A Life Designed

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Next Stop… Vienna, Austria


Where’s Waldo heading now?… Vienna, Austria baby!

With Prague and Tábor in the Czech Republic and Berlin, Germany checked off our ‘must see’ list, A Life Designed is now packing a toothbrush and heading this coming weekend to the amazingly beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.


Per usual, we will be posting tons of pictures of architecture, scenery, nightlife and anything else that catches our ‘designer eye’ and sharing with you both here on the blog as well as on the A Life Designed Instagram page. Until then… Ciao!

A Life Designed

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Impressions of Berlin


A full two weeks into the A Life Designed ‘European ‘live/work adventure’ and one thing has become very clear; there is a depth and richness to the architectural beauty here that simply can’t be found in the states. And never has this been so apparent than during last weekend’s trip to Berlin.

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