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Men of Style – This Guy!


Razor sharp at 104 years young and proving once and for all that true style is timeless.

Here at ALD, we could think of no better man to resurrect our once popular ‘Men of Style’ series than this handsome gent. I have but one humble wish and that is; If and when I ever grow up, please let me be half as cool as this guy!

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Next Stop: Milan, Italy… and It’s About Damn Time!

milan italy at night

After way too many years in the making, A Life Designed finally takes on Milan.

Like a sweet, succulent cherry on top of our amazing seven week European adventure, ALD will be fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting Italy later this week and it’s pretty safe to say we couldn’t be more excited!


Our touchdown point specifically is Milan, ground zero for so much design innovation it boggles the mind. Fashion, architecture, galleries, food, wine… You name it, Milan’s got it and we can’t wait to soak it ALL in.


As with our adventures in Prague, Tábor, Berlin and Vienna, we will be snapping lots of pix and sharing them with you both here on the blog as well as the A Life Designed Instagram and Facebook pages. Stay tuned!

A Life Designed

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Bike Porn #16 – Ascari “Bespoke” Bicycles


Former fashion model turned master craftsman, Helio Ascari creates stunning, hand-crafted bicycles worthy of the spotlight.

Combine high-fashion sensibility with master bicycle craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail and you begin to get an idea of the unbelievable, custom bicycles created by Portland, OR based builders, Ascari Bicycles.


The brainchild of former model and life long bike builder Helio Ascari, along with partner Gary Mathias, Ascari Bicycles creates some of the most beautiful and incredibly detailed ‘bespoke’ bikes we have ever seen. And judging from the company’s client list, the public agrees! Ascari Bicycles often show up as decor, (and are sold), through ‘blue chip’ fashion retailers such as Ralph Lauren and Brunello Cucinelli to name just two.


The Ascari Mixtie Custom Bicycle, (shown above), was created exclusively for Ralph Lauren and can be purchased through the RL flagship store on Fifth Avenue in NYC.


Hand-built with each frame, fork and stem designed and made in the USA, nothing is left to chance at Ascari. Details such as logos and head badges, the dropout faces and serial number badges are brazed in copper and brass, all adding to the beauty of these truly breathtaking creations.

More info on these incredible two-wheeled creations can be found @:

(images courtesy of ascari bicycles)

A Life Designed

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Giorgio Armani on ‘Second Acts’


The iconic fashion designer Giorgio Armani did not begin his ascent into the fashion stratosphere until his early forties. The legend weighs in on reinvention and ‘second acts’.

“Your forties are the moment when you start to become aware. It’s just the beginning. I’ve always believed that to confirm your way of thinking takes time. It takes experimenting. You have to confront different chapters of your life.”
– Giorgio Armani

And what does a living legend of the fashion world do for an encore? Design beautiful hotels of course!

Grand opening of Armani Hotel – Milan




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BIG NEWS: A Life Designed is Moving to Europe… Temporarily!


It’s official! A Life Designed has secured a truly unique opportunity to live and work in Europe for the upcoming months of July and August and it goes without saying, we couldn’t be more excited!

This is happening! ALD will soon be packing our bag and heading to Europe for a summer full of work and adventure! Home base will be the picturesque city of Prague in the Czech Republic where during the week we will be working with our fantastic new client, online media company Digital Airways, providing design services in their main European office and collaborating with a terrific team on several exciting projects. Nights and weekends will be spent exploring as many of the historic and incredible flea markets and antique shops as possible, sourcing unique treasures to add to the A Life Designed Online Store.


Charles Bridge – Prague



With Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria a short train ride away from Prague and parts of Italy a mere one hour hop by plane, the possibilities and opportunity to discover, experience and soak up the history, culture, art and architecture of Europe are endless. Oh and make no mistake, there will be wine drinking… Oh, there will be wine.


Milan flea market

…the A Life Designed you’ve come to know, but on steroids!

So, you are probably thinking, “well bully for you, what’s in it for us?” Fair enough! For the followers and clients of the A Life Designed shop and blog, (there are a few), you can expect to see amazing new additions to our store as well as constant blog updates where we will be sharing our “man on the street” view as we explore as much of Europe as time will allow. Think of it as the A Life Designed you’ve come to know, but on steroids!

And to all of the friends of A Life Designed who have experience traveling in Europe and can share helpful tips, I welcome them! (John Benton, I am talking to you sir… which way to the Porsche museum?)  🙂

Much more to come as we get closer to departure. Vzrušující!

A Life Designed


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