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All Bow Down to the Duke!

the duke

A classy combo of vintage mobile bar and culinary truck, this is one ‘Duke’ that definitely rolls in high style.

So the other night, I’m scrolling through the ever-growing A Life Designed Instagram page when a photo ‘like’ from an unusual sounding Instagram member caught my eye. Always on the lookout for the unique and stylish to share with our ALD readers, I clicked on the profile and am SO glad I did! For low and behold, I suddenly found myself in the presence of The Duke, without a doubt the most stylish and hip vintage event truck in all of the land! Continue reading…

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Preaching the Porsche Gospel…
Benton Performance

The Porsche 901 and I were both born in 1963. I came in with it… I’ll go out with it.” — John Benton

John Benton of Benton Performance lives, eats and breathes Porsche. A throwback to old world craftsmanship, in this short video Benton shares his philosophy and approach to his craft. Definitely worth watching for anyone interested in knowing what the term “following your bliss” looks like. There is bad ass and then, there is Bad Ass. John Benton my friends is the definitely the latter.

A Life Designed


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