With a background in fashion, graphic design, art direction, brand development and music, Randy Sloan brings a passion and desire to find the perfect visual solution for each of his client’s projects whether it be branding or creating the perfect living space. A member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Randy’s design work has appeared in Elle, Seventeen, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Homes & Lifestyle, Sunset, Seattle Metropolitan, Portland Monthly and the Seattle Times among other publications. Taking his lifelong interest and passion for architecture and interior design, Randy and A Life Designed have now added interior design consultation to its list of services and have launched an online store full of vintage, new and unique Rough Luxe Design-style furniture and decor objects for the home and retail environment.

The blog ‘A Life Designed’ began as a natural extension of my ongoing interest and work in the creative realm. Over the past couple of years, I have been posting and sharing my thoughts on art, music, architecture and interior design, passing along links of interesting design work I find and posting my own art and musical compositions. This blog, dedicated to all things design, music, architecture, men’s fashion and lifestyle is my opportunity to share my thoughts on subjects that I enjoy immensely and am passionate about with others. I am extremely gratified to see our readership and community growing. Now, we are taking our love of all things creative a step further and are pleased to announce the launch of our new online store featuring Rough Luxe style furnishings for the home. Happy shopping everyone and thank you again for your continued support and interest.”

Randy Sloan – A Life Designed

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    • Ty

      Randy! I’m glad I could talk to you today on the phone. I told you I would check out your site and I did! I love the store, I’ve passed it onto my girlfriend who absolutely loves the style. We are moving this summer into a house and we are going to keep your store handy for when we are ready to buy new stuff!

      • A Life Designed

        Outstanding Ty! Thanks so much for your help today and by all means, check the store regularly as I’m always adding new items.

  1. Liz

    Hi Randy,
    Love your site. Let me know if you want to grab an expresso martini with me some time!

  2. Richard

    Long overdue, just wanted to say “sincere thanks”. I love my chair – same as Crate & Barrel only a LOT cheaper! What a fun site! The chrome airplane sculpture is a constant conversation starter in my office – for $50 bucks!!! Good luck in your endeavors with your site! 5 stars.


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