Tavern Law – Seattle, WA

With design roots tracing back to Prohibition, flapper girls and the Roaring Twenties, these secret hideaways ooze style that is simply… intoxicating.

Tucked away in back alley entrances, secret doors and down basement stairs, the revival of the Speakeasy shows no signs of slowing down. These modern-day takes on the hidden shops where Prohibition-era drinkers would go to get their illegal liquor fix can be found in many cities both large and small.

Mixing touches of Industrial, Victorian Gothic and Steampunk style, today’s Speakeasy is the perfect getaway for the design-obsessed to cop a buzz in high style. Here are just a few of our favorites… Cheers!

A Life Designed

Raines Law Room - New York

Raines Law Room – New York

Gin Mill - Dallas

Gin Mill – Dallas

Portside Parlor - London

Portside Parlor – London

Wink and Nod - Boston

Wink and Nod – Boston

Sadie’s Kitchen & Lounge – Hollywood, CA

Lily - Hong Kong

Lily – Hong Kong

Society Lounge - Cleveland

Society Lounge – Cleveland

Edison Nightclub - LA

Edison Nightclub – LA

Electric Room - New York

Electric Room – New York

Drumbar - Chicago

Drumbar – Chicago

Boxcar - West Chester, PA

Boxcar – West Chester, PA

Bitter & Twisted - Phoenix, AZ

Bitter & Twisted – Phoenix, AZ

Sassafra Saloon - LA

Sassafras Saloon – LA

Genesis - Hollywood, CA

Genesis – Hollywood, CA

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