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To All The Chairs We’ve Loved Before…


A peek at some of our favorite chairs from the A Life Designed store.

In just the past year we have had the distinct pleasure of matching up some AMAZING chairs with some equally AMAZING clients. It feels great to know that our babies are now adding fresh style to private residences as well as retail spaces. Here is a quick glimpse at just a handful of the sweet, industrial & mid-century modern treasures we’ve found new homes for as well as a few that are still available!
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Giorgio Armani on ‘Second Acts’


The iconic fashion designer Giorgio Armani did not begin his ascent into the fashion stratosphere until his early forties. The legend weighs in on reinvention and ‘second acts’.

“Your forties are the moment when you start to become aware. It’s just the beginning. I’ve always believed that to confirm your way of thinking takes time. It takes experimenting. You have to confront different chapters of your life.”
– Giorgio Armani

And what does a living legend of the fashion world do for an encore? Design beautiful hotels of course!

Grand opening of Armani Hotel – Milan




A Life Designed

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Another Happy Customer… It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

vintage leather chair-a life designed

It is amazing feedback like this new review from our client Zack in Austin, TX that makes all the work worth it.

“Purchased a vintage chair and ottoman from A Life Designed and the overall experience was nothing short of first class. Aside from the awesome chair (and the fantastic price), Randy’s responsiveness to questions and attention thru each step were a model for customer service. Randy clearly cares about what he does and the customer relationships he builds. Even the shipping company I used were quick to compliment both the chair and how nice it was to work with him!  I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for more pieces to come.”
— Zack Z, Austin, TX

Thank you to everyone who follows and supports A Life Designed.

We will continue to work hard to bring you more unique decor for the home and provide a sweet shopping experience!

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A Life Designed



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All Bow Down to the Duke!

the duke

A classy combo of vintage mobile bar and culinary truck, this is one ‘Duke’ that definitely rolls in high style.

So the other night, I’m scrolling through the ever-growing A Life Designed Instagram page when a photo ‘like’ from an unusual sounding Instagram member caught my eye. Always on the lookout for the unique and stylish to share with our ALD readers, I clicked on the profile and am SO glad I did! For low and behold, I suddenly found myself in the presence of The Duke, without a doubt the most stylish and hip vintage event truck in all of the land! Continue reading…

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The ALD ‘Formula’ for Happy Clients


“You know, we think the formula for creating a positive customer experience is really pretty simple;  1.) Be passionate and knowledgeable about what you offer.  2.) Be attentive to customer needs.  3.) Go the extra mile to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transaction and,  4.) Deliver on your promises!”

— Randy Sloan, A Life Designed

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SOLD – Vintage Leather Chair & Ottoman Headed to Austin, Texas!


We never thought we would hear ourselves say we are ‘jealous’ of a piece of furniture, but tonight we are shouting out those very words. Why? Because our sweet, vintage leather chair is heading to one of the coolest cities on the map… Austin Texas!

We’re not the least bit surprised that the proud new owner of this fantastic piece of Americana spied it all the way from the Lone Star State and pressed the ‘buy’ button on our website. After all, they know a thing or two in Austin about the vintage/heritage vibe movement that is so hot right now in interior design.


It gives us great pleasure knowing that soon, all kinds of amazing music and the funky, artistic Austin vibe will be seeping deep into the well-worn leather of this amazing chair.


If you were thinking of snatching this piece up but missed your chance, don’t you fret. We are always on the lookout for unique new pieces of industrial/vintage and mid-century modern furniture to add to our online shop. Check back often, you never know what you’ll find!

A Life Designed

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