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Truth Coffee Shop


Cape Town’s Truth Coffee mixes artisan roasted beans with a unique, jaw-dropping decor to create a truly memorable ‘House Blend’.

The self-professed “Coffee Geeks” at Truth Coffee, based in Cape Town, South Africa are serious about their beans and one quick look at their amazing store and roasting plant confirms they are just as passionate about creating a totally unique brand experience from floor to ceiling! Continue reading…

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Sex Panther Cologne – Apply Liberally!


Attention all ‘Anchormen’… It’s officially time to Musk Up.

With the December release of the much-anticipated Anchorman 2 looming on the horizon, it’s not too early to begin Musking Up. And, as any ‘real man’ can tell you, there is really only one cologne worth reaching for… Sex Panther. Use caution however, as the Sex Panther website clearly states; “Sex Panther is a cologne. It is a manly cologne. So don’t even try wearing it if you’re not manly.” Continue reading…

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Lights, Camera, Action! ‘A Life Designed’ on YouTube and More!


YouTube… Twitter… Facebook… Wazala; Four fun ways to ‘get social’ with A Life Designed.

Greetings faithful ALD readers, we hope you’ve had a fantabulous Summer and are settling in for a beautiful Fall season, (our favorite time of year). A Life Designed has lots of great stories lined up for the coming weeks and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Until then, interested in even more ways to follow us besides our blog?… We’ve got you covered! A Life Designed is also available on our YouTube Channel as well as Twitter and Facebook. Stop by and join us, everyone’s welcome.


It gets even better! On the road and want to check out our online store full of fun vintage decor directly from your smart phone? No problem. Our Wazala store is optimized beautifully for mobile devices. Just use this direct link:

As always, thank you so much for your continued interest and support!

A Life Designed


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Bike Porn #11 – Hudson Urban Bicycles


Your chariot awaits at HUB, New York’s extremely affordable, (and friendly), bike rental shop.

Of the many highlights during A Life Designed’s recent whirlwind tour of New York, one experience in particular sticks out; a wonderful 3-hour bike tour along the Hudson River waterfront. Providing the wheels for this excursion was Hudson Urban Bicycles, or HUB, and a more affordable bike rental and nicer bunch of folks you will not find. Continue reading…

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