Homes We Love: The Industrial Loft


Release your inner-bohemian! Loving the ‘loft life.’

On this, our third stop in our mini-series Homes We Love, we take a peek inside a living style that is a particular favorite of the editors at A Life Designed; The industrial-style loft.


Having already toured some amazing French Pied-à-Terre fantasy homes in our first installment and then sitting on the stoops of some historical Brownstones, Loft Living represents a distinct departure from those more traditional, classical styles.


Lofts are sometimes classified in two categories; “hard lofts“, which are former industrial buildings converted to residential or live/work use, and “soft lofts“, which are loft-style residential buildings built entirely anew. They all tend to display common amenities and architectural features.


Weathered and time-worn wood flooring or poured concrete slab floors are typical. Exposed ductwork, beams and wiring are often a visible feature in lofts. Open floor plans with soaring ceilings create a sense of space, even when the actual square footage can be quite small. Many converted warehouse loft spaces retain their expansive floor-to-ceiling windows letting tons of natural light stream in, again adding to the expansive feeling. Because lofts tend to be large, single room spaces without the divided, walled-in traditional ‘rooms’ of most homes, living the ‘loft life’ can take some getting used to. If privacy is a big deal, loft living may not be your cup of tea.


All we can say is that we here at A Life Designed love the loft look! Give us some brick walls, soaring ceilings and concrete floors any day. Add in a couple of distressed leather chairs and some vintage lighting and we are home!

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