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Whipping + Post: Uncommonly Durable Fine Goods


From leather wallets to vintage messenger bags, Whipping + Post creates works of art guaranteed to be passed on from generation to generation.

There is much to like about Whipping + Post and its founder, Ryan Barr’s story. Young man seeks fame and fortune as a musician, (we can relate.) Shot at music stardom is a bust, (we can relate to that too.) As a creative outlet for his frustrations, Barr turns to creating leather goods and as sometimes happens in life, a passion is discovered and a new company is born.

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Interior Design Room Consultations & Home Staging Now Available


Case Study: We give this city living space the ‘Rough-Luxe’ treatment.

Using vintage key furniture pieces mixed in with a modern, mid-century-styled chair, we gave this loft living space a ‘heritage-infused’ redesign. A large, beautifully distressed leather Chesterfield couch anchors the space while a well-worn steamer trunk serves as a coffee table and vintage brass task lamp sheds a warm glow. Continue reading…

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Art… Music… Love


Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.
– Ludwig van Beethoven

Art, music, design, architectureLiving a creative life. That’s why A Life Designed was started; To explore and celebrate a life in the arts. Yet, as it was brought to my attention today by a longtime reader through a very thoughtful email, perhaps we’ve gotten a bit off track? Continue reading…

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Late 1800s Tennis Umpire Chair just added to our store + FREE shipping!


Own a piece of vintage history with this unique lawn tennis linesman/umpire chair.

What an AMAZING conversation piece this is! Circa late 1800s /early 1900s authentic lawn tennis lineman/umpire chair just added to the A Life Designed online store. Features a wood seat and back, painted in dark ‘Polo Green‘ with a very sturdy iron frame.


This terrific chair is beautifully aged with a fantastic patina making it a must-have for those seeking a industrial, Rough-Luxe look. This historical chair would also make an excellent photo-shoot prop or store display/staging item, (think Ralph Lauren).


Click the red ‘Store’ button at the top of this page to shop this beautiful chair and the rest of our collection of Vintage, Industrial, Rough Luxe Design furnishings and decor.

A Life Designed

Historical lawn tennis picture with example of a linesman chair at left.

Historical lawn tennis picture with example of a linesman chair at left.

Linesman during lawn tennis match, circa late 1800s.

Linesmen during lawn tennis match, circa late 1800s.





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