This northwest jazz guitarist extraordinaire is in tune both sonically and visually.

For this, our latest installment of Men of Style, a more apt title might be, ‘Real’ Men of Style. Often we find examples of men who have carved out a unique look and style for themselves on the silver screen or from the pages of the tabloids and fashion rags. Yet sometimes, men who pack sartorial star power are right under our noses in our very own backyards. Such is the case with Vince Brown, an incredibly talented musician residing in the Pacific Northwest who has refined both his guitar technique and personal style to a fine art.


well-known and highly respected musicianVince has been performing and teaching acoustic music on guitar, tenor & 5-string banjo & uke in a variety of styles for over 30 years. Adept at a multitude of styles; 30s jazz, Swing, Old TImey, Hawaiian, early C&W and more, Vince’s personal style is simply a natural outgrowth and reflection of the music he loves so much.


Looking more at home in the pages of a Mark Twain novel or steamy Parisian jazz clubs of the 1930s than the small town of Olympia, WA where he lives, Vince rocks a Fedora and pocket watch like nobody’s business. Now, add to this the fact that Vince also tools around on an amazing retro motorcycle complete with sidecar and, well… Clearly this man is playing on a whole ‘nother fashion level!



If you ever find yourself in the state capitol of Washington, do yourself a favor and catch a Vince Brown set. Truly one of the nicest, most talented and stylish guys you’ll ever meet!

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