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Bike Porn #8


Pashley Cycle’s Parabike pays homage to a rich, storied military history.

The bicycle that has captured our fancy in this edition of A Life Designed’s Bike Porn has a lineage like no other. England’s Pashley Cycles Parabike tips its cap to the historic BSA airborne bicycle, a model which folded in half and was used extensively by airborne military troops during the 1940s, parachuting into the fray with bikes in hand! Continue reading…


‘Steampunk’ Harley For Sale!


From the inventive mind of Tony Cochran comes a motorcycle that is definitely ‘Mad Max Approved.’

In our never-ending quest to bring the readers of A Life Designed ‘cool stuff’, we stumbled upon this three-wheeled gem and couldn’t wait to share it; A full-on, one-of-a-kind, steampunk style custom Harley Davidson. Beyond cool and the best part?… You can buy it! Continue reading…

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Lights… Camera… Action!


Setting the stage for new growth @ A Life Designed!

After many caffeine-fueled late nights, the pieces are nearly in place for the unveiling of the brand new A Life Designed online shopping experience and revamped website and blog. Lovers of the industrialurban‘rough luxe‘ design aesthetic will want to be sure to check out the carefully curated collection of newer and vintage furniture and home decor items in our new store, (including the room shown above.) Launch date—two weeks and counting! Stay tuned for more details in the coming days, and thank you for your continued interest and support.

A Life Designed

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Artist Spotlight — Taea Thale


Fashion photographer Taea Thale; A small town girl makes very good in the Big Apple.

One of the true joys of writing a blog dedicated to the arts and all things creative is it allows me the space to highlight standout artistic talents from all creative disciplines; designphotographyfashion stylistsmusicians and more. It becomes even more enjoyable when the artist in the spotlight happens to hail from my own hometown! Continue reading…

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graphics + branding


Branding the next BIG idea.

More than just pretty pictures and words on paper or pixels, a well thought out and implemented design and marketing strategy has the power to effectively tell your unique brand story. At A Life Designed, we love a good story and obsess over the details in presenting your company, service or product in a powerful and meaningful way to the person that matters most, your customer.

We offer a full range of branding services including creative strategy, both print and digital graphic design and social media campaigns. Our specialized background in marketing for the architecture and interior design trades makes us the perfect partner for developers, real estate professionals, architectural firms and interior designers looking to launch their next big project.

Contact us today at to see how we can partner to build your brand.

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