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Vintage Industrial Furniture Design


Forged from steel with a dream, determination and plenty of passion, this husband & wife team create furniture that people will cherish for generations to come.

Some people discover their true calling in life at an early age, some sadly never do. For Arizona entrepreneur and furniture maker Greg Hankerson, it was a brush with mortality that led him re-evaluate his life’s work and choose a different path. Previously the chief financial officer of his family’s investment banking firm, after surviving a brain tumor, Hankerson decided to search for something more fulfilling. That ‘something’ would soon become Vintage Industrial, makers of retro/industrial inspired furniture, American-made and built to last a lifetime… and then some. Continue reading…

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Make It Stop!


Four interior design trends that just simply need to disappear… yesterday.

Look at enough interior design magazines, visit enough home decor stores or tour enough open houses, and sooner or later chances are you will run in to these four, (in our opinion)‘done to death’ design trendsA Life Designed weighs in with its short list of overripe and ‘never shoulda been’ design clichés. Don’t make us put a bird on it! Continue reading…

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Bike Porn #7


The Cykno; From runway to roadway, leave it to the Milanese to create a bicycle that exudes sex appeal.

It’s probably safe to say that not too many bicycles make their public debut at the Salone and Fuorisalone in Milan during design week, but then, the Cykno is clearly no ordinary bike.


The collaborative brainchild of engineer and motorbike innovator Bruno Greppi and luxury products designer Luca Scopei along with Gianpietro Vigorelli and Riccardo Lorenzini, leaders of Italian advertising, the Cykno is clearly not your run of the mill two-wheeler.

Cykno from Saverio De Nittis on Vimeo.

One part vintage bicycle and one part electric vehicle, this ride is all style with its leather-clad exteriorretro styling and Italian attention to detail. With its fully electric motor, the Cykno is as easy on the environment as it is the eyes.

A Life Designed


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‘A Life Designed’ soon to offer a thoughtfully curated selection of vintage furniture and objects for sale.

July, 2013 marks the two-year anniversary of the launch of the A Life Designed blog and with that comes some big changes for the ‘little blog that could.’ We are very excited to announce the forthcoming addition of an online shopping experience where you will be able to browse and purchase specially selected Rough Luxe/Industrial/Loft Style furniture and unique decor items for your home, carefully sourced by Randy Sloan – DesignerCurator, Interior Design and Architecture Enthusiast and A Life Designed Founder.


To regular readers of A Life Designed, this blog’s interest and passion for interior design, and in particular, Industrial/Rough Luxe Design should come as no surprise. This evocative design movement and its leading practitioners have been covered in posts here regularly. Our new shopping service is a natural extension and outgrowth of our love for all things vintage/industrial.


Sourcing of unique, vintage finds to stock our online store is already well under way. The fantastic vintage leather couchleather recliner chair and decorative iron sculpture shown in the above pictures are just a few of the terrific items that will be available for sale on A Life Designed. These items will do justice to any urban loftvintage home or industrial-themed retail establishment looking for the Rough Luxe touch. (Attention Ace Hotel; Need another couch?… We have it!)

The A Life Designed online shopping experience is scheduled to launch the first week of July. We will keep interested readers up to date with progress reports both here on the blog and through A Life Designed’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Q&A — A Life Designed Shopping Service with Randy Sloan:

Q: Why a furnishings shopping site on A Life Designed?

A: I am a HUGE fan and lover of the vintage, Rough Luxe, retro industrial design movement. It’s what I write about often on A Life Designed and the direction I am going in with my own interiors. It’s only natural to want to share that passion and share my finds with our readers. After all, I can’t use all these pieces myself!

Q: What will the benefit of shopping for industrial/vintage styled furniture and objects through A Life Designed be for a customer over say, Craigslist or eBay?

A: We will already have done the curating, picking through hundreds of ads and leads, many of which turn out to be dead-ends and deliver to your computer, thoughtfully chosen pieces that not only work individually but also as a whole room ensemble. Finding those little nuggets on Craigslist or eBay is possible, but it takes time and can be hugely frustrating. The hunt to find ‘cool stuff’ is exhilarating but time consuming, we do the legwork for you. Everything that will be available on A Life Designed is an item I would have in my own loft, and trust me… I’m picky!

Q: Will it be easy to purchase on the site?

A: Absolutely. Payment will be accepted with credit cards through PayPal and shipping options will be available and spelled out in the cart.

Q: What types of items can shoppers expect to find?

A: All sorts of urban, retro goodness! Right now we have items ranging from a vintage Boston Champion pencil sharpener all the way up to large Rough Luxe statement pieces like the vintage, tufted leather couch shown above.

Q: Last question; What made you decide to take on this new venture?

A: As with most good things in life, it kind of chose me. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of moving and during these transitions I would down-size my furnishings, selling them through Craigslist and then go back out and hunt for Rough Luxe-inspired replacements. After awhile, the positive feedback regarding my taste and choices in furnishings that I was getting from the purchasers of my old pieces got me to thinking about expanding this into a side venture for A Life Designed. I’m passionate about this stuff, (some of my interior design work is shown in the top image), and I enjoy the hunt for fantastic pieces and love talking to buyers about them. It’s a natural fit.

What sealed the deal was when a husband and wife came to look at a leather club chair I had listed to purchase for their son who was in New York and taking a job in finance. I had several pieces for sale, all in the rough luxe/industrial vibe style. Long story short, they took one look at the room I had assembled and ended up buying everything! They were thrilled as they said their 22 year old son loved the industrial look and they liked how everything I had went together so well. It was truly ‘one stop shopping’ saving them from a weekend wasted of dead-end Craigslist hunting and from what I heard, their son was beyond happy with his new furniture. And that’s how the A Life Designed online shopping experience was born. I can’t wait to share all of our great finds with our readers! – Randy Sloan

A Life Designed

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