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Amsterdam Loft… Home ‘Sweet’ Home


For the owners of this amazing Amsterdam loft located in an old sugar warehouse, life is definitely sweet indeed.

Ever on the lookout for unique, one-of-a-kind living spaces, the architecture-loving nerds at A Life Designed nearly keeled over after stumbling upon this gem! Located on the Bloemgracht canal in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam, this incredible loft situated in what was once a sugar warehouse, raises daily living to a fine art. Continue reading…

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Loft 3F… Following their ‘Bliss’


Loft 3F — Bringing Old Things To New Life

Thomas Filiaggi & Anna Whitehead dared to dream of one day breaking free of the confines of their stuffy office cubicles and we lovers of restored furniture are the better for it! The heart and soul behind Loft 3F, this industrious duo sources out and restores pieces of history, lovingly bringing them back to life. Continue reading…

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And He Wears It Well… Andre Van Noord


Model Andre Van Noord gives ‘middle age’ the ‘middle finger’.

I don’t know about the rest of the male readers of A Life Designed out there, but as a gentleman of a “certain vintage”, I am always on the lookout for guys I can look to for inspiration and guidance in traversing the slippery slope of middle age with some modicum of style and grace. One such guy who certainly fits that bill is Dutch model Andre Van Noord. Continue reading…

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