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Musical Perfection

It Never Entered My Mind | Miles Davis Quintet | 1956

This is the sound of heartbreak, of loves lost and promises unfulfilled as interpreted through the horn of a musical genius. This… Is perfection.

A Life Designed

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Timeless Beauty… 50 And Beyond


Is 50+ The New 30? If These Stunning Woman Are Any Indication, The Answer is Most Definitely… YES!

Several blog entries ago, I gave a shout out to the ‘Men of Style’ who were making it safe for us regular guys entering our 50s and beyond to dare to believe that our days of looking sharp weren’t over yet.

In the spirit of fair play, I dedicate this post to some of the beautiful women that are redefining what ‘middle age’ looks like. When it comes to sexy… These ladies are just getting started!


1. Sela Ward – Absolutely amazing at 55, (or any age), this southern beauty will always be at the top of my list!


2. Julianne Moore – Maybe it’s the fair skin and freckles or maybe it’s her ‘girl next door’ smile… Whatever it is, this beautiful woman is redefining 51.


3. Ann Curry – This attractive and articulate 56 year old TV journalist makes network news just a little easier to take.


4. Rene Russo – Also 56 , this stunning actress and former model has a sensual elegance that’s undeniable. Don’t believe me?… Rent the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair and prepare to be converted!


5. Diane Lane – While technically not in the ‘fabulous and 50’ club yet, 46 year old Diane Lane left no doubt after her turn in the 2002 suspense thriller Unfaithful that a woman past 40 can be unbelievably sexy!

susan lucci

6. Susan Lucci – This reigning ‘queen of daytime tv’ is 65 years old… Yes, I said 65!!!


7. Angela Bassett – Golden Globe winning actress, mother of  two and activist, this 53 year old beauty really does have it all.


8. Famke Janessen – Although not quite yet 50, this 47 year old knockout is probably best known as former villainous Bond girl Xenia Onatopp. Which of course, gains her immediate inclusion into the club!


9. Catherine Deneuve – French screen legend Deneuve, now 66, is still the epitome of elegance, style and beauty.

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